Channel Irons in Zimbabwe

Find quality channel irons in Zimbabwe at Isteel & Pump Solutions. Visit Isteel at 285 Action Close Willowvale, Harare, Zimbabwe. The best seller of quality Channel Irons in Zimbabwe. At Isteel & pump solutions we have varying types and sizes of channel iron to suit your project needs. Choose from our selection of channel iron, including low-carbon steel U-channels, architecture. Isteel & pump Solutions is your source for Channel Iron of many sizes and grades for various applications. Mild steel channel, also commonly known as U channel or C channel is measured by width x depth x weight per meter.

Channel, sometimes called channel iron or bar channel, is a rolled steel iron bar featuring a “C” or “U” shape. Channel irons can be used in any industrial project. The narrower sides, or flanges of the iron, join at right angles to a broader side, called a web, to form a channel, where the product name is derived. The channel shape’s inside radius corners, makes it ideal and suitable for use in projects including structural applications and manufacturing.

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